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Rozšíření celoplošné vrstvy "Císařských otisků"
Do aplikace Archiv byla do skupiny celoplošných vrstev doplněna data císařských povinných otisků stabilního katastru z území Karlovarského kraje.

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Web applications make it easier for users to obtain and use geodata, provide data from the real estate cadastre and other information systems of the ČÚZK department directly in the web environment, without the need to purchase own software.

Applications can be divided into the following groups:

  • application for providing geodata, i.e. access to download or request for issuance or modification
  • applications and services for providing data from the real estate cadastre
  • applications and services for providing data from the Register of Territorial Identification of Addresses and Real Estate (RÚIAN)
  • Application of the Information System Digital Maps of Public Administration (DMVS)
  • geodetic applications to support surveying activities in the field
  • application for the use of data from the altitude map of the Czech Republic
  • application for viewing geographical standardized names
  • application for viewing and providing archival maps and aerial survey images
Applications can combine multiple functions. For example, the Geoviewer uses widgets to offer, in addition to the main function of the geodata viewer, also links to purchase or download them, allows coordinate transformations, report data errors or obtain statements on the existence of geodetic control points.

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